Bad eating habits

It is possible that we have bad eating habits. There are many such diseases in today’s Bhagam bhaga-filled life, from which you try to avoid them as much as possible. But some of our own habits support in calling these diseases. But, we can improve these habits. These eating habits can cause many serious diseases to a person such as indigestion, stomach ulcers and stomach upset. If eating habits and routines are good, then you will get right nutrition but your stomach will stay away from all these problems. Here are some tips that can be followed to improve eating habits.

Prepare a list of bad eating habits

When our mind does eat something, we ignore whether what we are eating is beneficial for our body or not. Sometimes, in the desire to eat ice cream, we chop ice cream one after the other and blow the right diet. We should make a food diary in which we should write about the daily eating habits. This will make it easier to decide what kind of food products you have consumed in large quantities. Like if you ate a lot of junk food or street food in a week or too much sweet during stress. Writing these things in the diary will give you a good idea of ​​what to reduce and what to increase in your food throughout the week.

Never miss breakfast

You must have heard earlier, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet we often skip breakfast due to our busy routine. If you eat breakfast every morning then you will get energy throughout the day and you will be healthy. Having a heavy breakfast in the morning will give you a good day. Highlight the bad eating habits that you need to change.

No food

If you are intentionally or accidentally eating food, then you convince yourself that eating less will reduce weight. But this does not happen, but by not eating food you can become a victim of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. You may also feel tired, confused and weight gain.

You should not stop eating food under any circumstances. If someday it is going to be late to eat or if you feel that you will not be able to get time to eat today, then take breakfast or some snacks with you. For this, any healthy, easy to eat fresh breakfast is perfect for you and better than being hungry.

Eat less

There is confusion about this matter, but let’s make it clear that the most important thing is to eat sufficient amount of balanced food. Generally any normal person should eat up to 80% of their appetite. Eating more than this puts pressure on your system. If you eat very little food, it will not get the whole nutrients.

Processed Packaged Food

This includes packaged meats, frozen pizza, ready-to-eat (cooked ready-to-eat) and even your packet of chips. Avoid any food that does not need to be cooked separately or in which the factory has found such things as sodium and sugar, avoid them as much as possible. These things do not give you either little or no nutrition, but can cause some serious imbalances in your body.

Similarly, drinking juice in place of fresh fruit, using packaged goods instead of fresh beverages, and using readymade sauces are some of the habits that make the distance, the better. Then whether you have diabetes or not.

After creating a food diary, consider the habits that cause you to eat more food. Overeating causes obesity and obesity is the root of many serious health complaints. Learn what are the habits that usually lead you to obesity.

  • Eating at a time when there is no appetite Stand up food
  • Skipping food often
  • No proper time to eat
  • Always eat sweet food
  • eat too fast
  • Always clean the plate (even when it has more food than your hunger)

Try to ignore these bad eating habits so that you can get the right nutrition and benefits through eating.

Choose healthy snacks to avoid bad eating habits

Often I feel like eating something sweet after noon, but eating too sweet is harmful to health. If you eat a packet of chips, then you should replace it with some other healthy snacks such as fresh fruits, yogurt, nuts and seeds etc. in your diet. While preparing your breakfast, prepare your snacks as well, so that you can get energy according to your need throughout the day.

Try to add new foods to your diet

If you are bored of eating the same kind of things every day in the matter of healthy eating, then why not try something new. You will get thousands of such recipes that will give you taste as well as energy. You can also feed your family with something new, it will give you new opportunities to talk and will bring you closer to the family.

Eating habits can also be avoided by keeping patience

Habits do not form in a day. It takes time to replace old habits with new habits. Whenever you realize that you are repeating the same old mistakes, try to stop them as soon as possible. Be patient – this is the most important and important step to bring good habits in yourself.

There are many bad habits in us which we have been following since childhood, but this does not mean that they are changed

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