Therefore, all of you should be your doctor and enjoy the full taste of the fruit. It is called common mango mangoes. You can all run away from your diseases by fruits.

Fruit is very important in our lives. Our body cures lack of vitamins, calcium etc. The person should always eat fruits. Fruit should always eat according to the weather. The fruits of the season are fresh and nutritious. A famous saying that if you eat an apple every morning, it does not require a doctor. This is not a mere proverb. By eating fruit in the daily diet, the person remains healthy. Do not eat torn rotten fruit and fall off the trees. They have the possibility of having a germ.

Benefits from eating fruit

  • Due to the lack of blood, doctors recommend drinking juice full of Vitamin A and C. Seasonal, beetroot, pomegranate, should be used as fruit juices as far as possible. Otherwise its properties become over or diminished or reduced.
  • Fruits are the source of all mineral salts and vitamins. Which is the best means of achieving energy. Which is essential for a person’s body to work.
  • Fruit keeps old age away. Atoxidants are found in large amounts in fruits, which protect the body from free radicals and body damage.
  • All the fruits are immediately giving power. Because they do not contain elements like proteins and fats that take time to digest the body. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for immediate energy to work in a busy routine.
  • The fruits found in summer are full of water and all those nutrients. Which protects the body from dangerous Lu.
  • Fruits also get rid of problems like gas and constipation.
  • The chemical structure of many fruit and their function is different from the other fruits. Whereby the doctor asks to take special kind of fruits in some diseases. For example, the consumption of kiwi constipation and gas papaya and guava in pomegranate fever is beneficial, due to lack of blood.
  • Flowers contain all the nutrients needed for the body. Therefore, it is helpful in controlling weight, controlling heart diseases.
  • Eating fruits brings a lot of skin. Rather, it also helps to prevent problems like bloating, fusion, and nail acne.
  • To make the hair strong and bright, fruit consumption is very important.
  • Well fruit is beneficial for everyone. But who has become weak after staying sick for a long time. For them the fruits are not less than a boon.
  • Fruit contains 90 percent water. Therefore, it should be consumed regularly. There is no lack of water in the body. And our main organ such as kidney, bladder etc. is healthy.
  • Fruit is also beneficial in insomnia or mental illness.
  • Fruits, high blood pressure are also beneficial in diseases such as diabetes and cancer.
  • The fruit keeps the digestive process healthy too.
  • Fruits remove the weakness of the nadio and are good for the health of the eyes.
  • Fruit is considered to be the best source of disease resistant power to fight diseases.

It is also important to know when and how to consume fruits.

According to experts, it is right to add fruit to the diet, but do not eat it at the right time, then there is no benefit. Most people think that you can eat healthy food whenever you want, but if you believe the experts, then it is not okay to do so.

If you want to get maximum health benefits from fruits, it would be better to eat it sometime before or after dinner, or with dinner. That’s because fruits slow down digestion.

Eating fruit after 6 o’clock, the five mechanisms begin to affect. Eating empty stomach fruit is useful in the morning. If you want you can also take these fruits in breakfast. 

By Manish

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