Home remedies natural treatment for Yellow Teeth

Today almost everyone will get some teeth problems because nowadays, it has become so common that there is a problem of teeth, some teeth will get yellow or some teeth will get worm and that would cause a lot of problems. If your teeth are yellow, they do not look good when they look at others and when we see the teeth of others are completely white, then it is in our mind that our The teeth would have been like this too. Due to yellowing of teeth, either do not brush on time, do not shower or someone has a disease in your teeth. If you are unable to brush, then you must have neem teeth one day in a week and if you brush then in the evening use toothpaste Together and clean the teeth in the morning with an empty brush and if your teeth are completely yellow, then you can clean your teeth with some home remedies. Neither the teeth will be no problem, nor will there be any side effects.

Due to being yellow tooth

You should also know which causes your teeth to yellow.

• Do not clean the teeth properly.

• Over consumption of cold things.

• Drinking excess tea tea leads to stains on the teeth.

• Even if the water does not suit the surface, the teeth begin to yellow.

• Due to bad eating habits, yellowness occurs on the teeth like cigarette, smoking bidi and gutkha, eating tobacco.

Ways to protect teeth from yellowing

If your teeth are clean and you feel it. That your teeth are getting worse. So you can save them. Some solutions are mentioned. By which you can keep your teeth clean.

• Avoid drinking cold food

• Brush teeth every day

• Avoid alcohol consumption

• Keep away from gutkha, tobacco and cigarettes

• Rinse after eating food

• And Neem teeth should be taken once or twice a week.

• Teeth polishing and cleaning treatment can make your teeth white and beautiful

Let’s learn about some such home remedies …

  • Apple vinegar (Apple cider vinegar) can remove the yellowing of your teeth, giving you a white and bright smile. Just take half a teaspoon of apple vinegar in about a cup of water and brush it on the teeth with the help of your toothbrush until your teeth are completely clean. With the removal of tooth stains, it will gradually shine on your teeth.
  • Mix salt and a little mustard oil in lemon juice and now brush your teeth with the help of a brush. This is a very old and successful method of giving teeth a glow.
  • Rub the inner part of the banana peel on the teeth and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Yellowing of teeth will begin to decrease gradually.
  • Keep these things while using apple vinegar:
  • Use the apple vinegar while stirring the bottle well, then use it only. It can be harmful to use without mixing it in water, because it is a natural acid. That is, it is of ascetic nature. Avoid excessive use of it and do not use it more than once a day.

Baking soda and salt

 To remove the yellowness of teeth, these home remedies make a paste by adding a pinch of salt and a little water in 1 teaspoon of baking soda to make the white teeth like salt, baking soda and salt yellow teeth. Rubbing this paste for 1 to 2 minutes daily. Continuous use of this paste will remove the yellowing of teeth in a few days.


To polish the teeth, do the daily morning and evening nights. The daily problem of tooth decay with neem’s teeth once or twice daily.


Strawberries contain folic acid that works to keep teeth white. To use strawberries, make a paste. Apply this paste on the teeth after brushing. Leave the paste like this for 1 minute. Continually doing this will give new glow to the teeth.


 Using tomatoes can also remove the yellowing of teeth in a domestic way. But keep in mind that using tomatoes on tooth only after brushing.


If you want to get rid of the yellowing of your teeth naturally Then finely grind the burnt charcoal and massage it on the teeth with the help of your fingers. This is a very effective recipe to remove the yellowing of teeth.

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