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Modern-day parents often complain that when their children have nothing to do, they prefer watching cartoons and playing games on mobile phones rather than reading more or showing interest in physical sports. After the beginning of the Corona period, parents also complain that their children are becoming obsessed with gadgets. Many parents feel that their children are getting away from studies and physical activities due to more inclination towards gadgets. But you can also use this habit of your children in the right direction. All you need to do is downloading some learning apps that help kids learn while watching videos or playing games on their gadgets.

There is nothing better for kids to learn in a new way than a learning app that helps kids learn while playing games or watching animations. Visual graphics can attract children’s attention and keep them alert. The learning app also has the advantage that you can personalize learning methods, subject areas that interest you, and make age selections.

It is very important to choose the best app as per the educational requirement of your child to boost his/her studies. We have many options available to choose the best app. You also need to know ‘How to choose the best learning app for kids?’. To choose the best apps, focus on these important points-

App Features While selecting the app, take note of the various features provided as to how they will help your child’s learning.

Content included in the app Content is very important for your child’s learning. Rate the content included in the app according to the standard and age of the children. Choosing an app with more content or less content can reduce children’s interest in learning.

Apps Engagement Efficiency Make sure the app has the ability to engage your kids with its content. The content included in the app should be presented in a way that a child likes to learn from.

It can be difficult for parents to teach their children at times. However, there are many ways in which you can teach your children. Educational apps, or also known as learning apps, are the best alternative to books and notebooks. Learning apps help your child understand all the concepts in a unique way. For all the parents who are working hard to educate their kids, we have curated 15 best learning apps for kids that they can download. These apps will be enjoyable for parents

List of Educational Apps for Kids:


This learning app will take your teen on an exciting adventure where he will overcome various challenges, rescue pets. What makes Prodigy the best learning app for kids is that they can play games with their friends and siblings. This is one of the ideal games for little ones who hate maths, as this game will sharpen their math skills. In addition, the app personalizes each game according to the child’s ability and grade.

Monkey Word School Adventure

Does your child like to play adventure-oriented games? If yes then the answer is, then you should download Monkey Word School Adventure for that. This educational game will help your child learn spelling, alphabets, phonetics and much more. This app has jungle theme, which your kid will definitely love.


 Epic! This is the best learning game for kids you are interested in reading. The app has an extensive e-library with over 10,000 titles. It has all the highly rated books with educational videos that will help in your child’s brain development. Plus, each content is curated according to the age of the child. is one of the top learning apps for kids as it helps them to learn about various things through videos, quizzes and interesting activities. It also has a virtual map that outlines your child’s learning path. If you want to try this app without downloading the app, you can directly go to the website and sign-in.

Hungry Kamala Play School

 Hungry Caterpillar Play School is a perfect educational app for all the kids who are going to start their school soon. The app has five primary learning areas that help them understand about colors, shapes, letters, numbers, book reading, puzzles and art. The app has 3D details, which makes it real for kids. Download this app, and you will love watching your kid understand many concepts in the easiest and most creative ways.

Quick Math Jr.

Math can be boring and hard to understand, but Quick Math Junior makes it easy! It turns all the numbers into a creative and interactive way that encourages your child to learn various math concepts, that too, without scratching their head. It has 12 math games that talk about the fundamentals of the subject and various concepts. In addition, the app has unique characters and graphics that will keep your kids engaged. Also, since the answers are written by hand, it will also help improve your child’s writing.

AB Basic Skills

As soon as you open the app, you will see a monkey named AB, who runs the train. And in every train journey there is a little puzzle. This puzzle involves small tasks like fixing a toy, identifying different shapes, locating a toy of a given colour, etc.

Think Rolls

It’s like a Monument Valley for kids – artistic and channeling. The objective of the game is to reach the other end of the maze. And to do that, you’ve burst a balloon, broke a rock or ate a cookie, etc. Unlike the preceding app, there may be no voice guidance on this app..


So these were some apps, which will help your child to learn faster and understand things better. Although I should give them only one app for a few months and that too for a limited time. Some of these apps are very addicting.

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