Career in Primary School Teaching

Are you interested in a career in primary school teaching in India? Have you dreamed of a career in primary school? If yes, then you should consider India as the most suitable destination for your new career. There are several factors that lead to the high demand for jobs in primary teaching in India.

The primary school teaching profession is one that offers a lot of job opportunities with a stable income package. In India, there is a constant shortage of teachers and this has resulted in the high growth rate of demand for these posts. In addition, there are enough openings in this field across the country. With the combination of cultural norms, geographical location and the requirement for quality education, teaching in primary schools in India is one of the highest paying jobs.

What makes a career in primary school teaching in India so attractive? This is an education career that presents itself to you as a solution to all your education related needs. For example, the need for English communication, extra-curricular activities and knowledge on a variety of subjects. Apart from basic requirements, you will also find enough scope for growth and development in this field. You can easily rise through the ranks from primary school teacher to principal without much trouble.

As per the latest figures, there are more than 8 million children in the primary school. This figure is projected to increase in the coming years with the exponential increase in the population of the country. Primary teaching is one area where you can contribute something good to the society. Moreover, you have the scope of imparting knowledge and promoting social values.

The primary school teachers in India are mostly female. This is attributed to the larger proportion of women in the workforce that is expected to rise sharply in the coming years. There are other factors as well that contribute to the popularity of the teaching career in India. Since the school teaching profession in India is comparatively safer than most professions in the western countries, there is an increasing tendency for women to join this line of work. In fact, more than 50 percent of the teachers are women.

While teaching primary school children you will get ample experience of different types of teaching styles and methods. At the primary school level, there will be less supervision by a teacher. Hence, it is quite an opportunity for you to mold the student’s personality and behaviour through your words and ways. At the end of the day you stand to gain a lot from your career in primary school teaching in India.

Another aspect of your career as a teacher in primary school in India is the peer pressure. Your students are going to depend on your for their future success. As a teacher of primary school you have the responsibility of imparting quality education to your students. You need to inspire your students through your excellent teaching skills and knowledge about the subject. Through your genuine love for the subject and the desire to serve others, you can build strong bonds with your students and motivate them to pursue their goals.

The salary package in India is quite competitive compared to other western countries. This is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the teaching career in India. With an increase in the demand for skilled and trained teachers, the salary package too has risen remarkably. Many educational organizations and colleges in India are offering teaching jobs in India. So if you have made up your mind to pursue a career in primary school teaching in India, you should do it now and get going!

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