Haldi ceremony decoration

Haldi ceremony holds a special place in our Indian culture. Therefore, this ritual is also given importance like marriage. Guests at home start coming during this ritual. Due to which it is important to take care of the decoration of Haldi ceremony at home. In any function, everyone’s attention is paid to his decoration on the stage. If there is a function of Haldi in the house before marriage, then when decorating the Haldi ceremony at home, use yellow or other bright colors. Since Haldi function is done in the afternoon, you should also do decorations keeping in mind the timing. While lighting plays an important role in stage decorations in the night function, flowers can be taken for the afternoon function. So we are telling you some of the best ideas of decorating the Haldi ceremony at home-

Yellow color

There can be no better color than yellow color for stage decorations for Haldi function. You can also include white and golden color in addition to yellow for stage decorations. But keep the yellow color as the main color. If you want, you can also wear your outfit in yellow and golden color. This color itself will make your stage decoration special.

Not swing stage

It is not necessary that you prepare the stage for every function of marriage. If you are doing small wedding functions like Haldi or music etc. at home, then it will not be possible for you to build and decorate the stage every time. In such a situation, take help of swing. If there is a swing in your house, then decorate it with the help of flowers and use it as a stage. This is a very unique idea, which is also very good to watch.

Les is peacock

You can also use lace of this peacock while decorating the stage for Haldi function. It is not necessary that you do heavy decorations and this messes up your entire budget. If you want, you can also decorate the stage for Haldi with the help of marigold flowers. This kind of decoration is very easy to do. You can easily do it on your own and it won’t cost much to do it.

Flower power

Whenever there is talk of decoration, the name of flowers is taken first. If you are also preparing the stage for your Haldi function, then include beautiful flowers of many colors in it. You can decorate it on the wall behind the stage or you can place flowers on the front side like a photo frame. If you are decorating the stage with the help of flowers of many colors, then you do not need to do anything else.

Do something unique

While decorating for Haldi function, definitely adopt some unique ideas. This will make your decoration a bit special. As you hang different types of wall hangings on the wall behind the stage. Similarly, you can also decorate the stage with small umbrellas and paper-made crafts items.

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