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Ideas of simple wedding decorations in a garden at your home are becoming a very popular choice for couples who want to make a special day. Today’s bride and groom crave a wedding experience that is connected to nature, as their new beginnings are reflected within the beauty around them. For many people this is a way to cut down on high costs such as venue rentals, but backyard weddings are also perfect for those who want to create a truly unique and memorable day in one place for them and many guests The idea of ​​simple wedding decorations in the garden has special meaning in setting up the wedding. If you too are thinking of simple wedding decorations in the garden, then here are some tips to transform your backyard into an ideal wedding venue.

Flower arrangement from old wine bottle

Wedding flower arrangements are very expensive nowadays, instead you can use many other things – with creativity and imagination, and you can save money on professional flower arrangements. Take some old wine bottles, put it well Clean and then use it as a flower arrangement. You can also add some colored ribbon or tie some satin or silk around the neck of the bottles to make them look beautiful.

Be prepared for any kind of weather

You cannot control the weather, but you can avoid disappointment or happening by having a backup plan with rain-soaked guests and a seating plan. If you have a patio area that can comfortably seat your guests, you may want to consider adding a stronger and more durable cover to it. Stylishly designed shed sails can provide sun protection,

You go to a garden in April and come up with a springtime show of cherry blossoms … but you’re getting married in October. Make sure that your wedding date matches the time of Mother Nature when you are not lured by the scene you see on your big day.

Umbrellas, canopies, heat lamps, pop-up tents, portable outdoor fire pits and even individual umbrellas and / or weddings for guests can provide shade and shelter if necessary.

Safety of guests

Flora and fauna sometimes occur among uninvited guests such as ants, bees, or mosquitoes. Discuss these things with your site manager to ensure that the bugs do not spoil the party so that the party is pre-sprayed.

Create romantic lighting

The lighting sets the mood during the evening and it is worth it to spend a little more to ensure that you fully light your garden. String beautiful strands of soft light through the trees and the house, and place candles and lanterns on the table and in deep corners of the garden.

Dance floor

What is a backyard wedding reception without a dance floor? You will need to do something concrete for the guests to dance in the grass. Lots of holes in the grass, what is that. Be like all those women in high heels and those poor blades of grass that grow in the Danger Zone, and rent a dance floor for guests who only use the grassy area or even a patio or deck in exchange. You should make something flat and smooth.

For children

Take a look at your guest list and note how many children will be at your reception. Consider a small children’s tent or play area. Backyards with no fences can lead children to wander, but the more they have fun and play, the less they will be in trouble.

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