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The members of each household have different reasons for decorating their homes. Some people want to highlight their achievements, some want their homes to look functional and some want to add value to it. While some others take great pleasure in decorating their homes.

Decorating the house with the help of waste materials is a good and classy way nowadays. It is also eco friendly. Therefore, the waste items of the house should never be thrown away and reuse it by designing something useful to decorate the house. This will promote the concept of recycling as well as significantly save money spent on home decor items. Everything lying in the house is useful for some time, after that it becomes useless for you. While some things fall and break, then we throw them away, but by showing a little creativity on such useless things, you can decorate your house very well for the festive season. You will not have to spend much in this, as well as the life time of the waste will also increase. To decorate the house of your dreams, you buy things from the world like paintings, vases, etc. They are very expensive, when they come, they throw out the old things. You can make some creative and useful things out of these useless things. All you need is your old stuff and some hard work for this. So let’s know some of the best ways to re-use old and useless things:

Glass lamp

If you are tired of diyas, light up your home with glass lamps. The materials needed are an old CD or DVD, pebbles or colored stones, scented candles and glue. Place the CD on a flat surface. Apply glue around the rim of the CD. Now, slowly put the pebbles one by one next to the other. Retaining the pebble wall to a certain height. Place a scented candle in the middle of the CD and light it. The most beautiful glass lamps to decorate your home can also use.

Old cup

Instead of throwing away old unused cups, you can use them to make candles or diyas. With this you will not even have to buy expensive candles or diyas from the market.

Old plastic bottles

When the plastic bottle lying in the house becomes old, then it is of no use but you can make it a part of the festive decoration. Color the bottle and plant it in it. If you want, you can also use them as a lamp by putting a string of small lights in them.

Egg carton

You can color the egg tray and hang it on a tree by tying it in a thread, in which you can keep food for the birds. Not only this, you can cut it and use it for hanging wall by painting or painting very beautiful flowers.

Glass bottles

You often throw away old glass bottles in the kitchen but you can also use it for home decoration. You can reuse them for flower pots or gardening. You can also turn them into a beautiful vase with the help of wool and fevicol, you can also make them a part of the decoration by adding lights.

Empty containers

You can also reuse the containers of tea, coffee and cookies if you want. After empty, stick a colorful cloth or paper of your choice on them and after painting and decorating use it as a pen stand on your study table.

Mirror decoration

For this you need old CD, mirror, scissors, glue. You’ll need to decorate the mirror with old CDs from all sides. You can do this work with the help of glue.

CD Earring Stand

All you need is a CD, a hole drill and a stand to hang the CD. For this, you have to make holes around the CD with the help of a drill machine. Then you have to hang that CD in the stand. So take it, this too is ready. Now you can hang the earrings in the holes of the CD.

CD iPhone Dock

For this you need 10-12 CD, USB Cable, Glue, Mini Drill to Hole. First you connect the CD together. Then with the mini drill, make a hole in the CD as much as the charger of the iPhone. Keep in mind that the hole in the charger should be such that only the silver pin of the charger is visible outside. Just after that charge your phone by placing it on this dock.

Old t-shirts

Old T-shirts are either thrown away or they are made to mop. But with a little creativity, you can make a lot of useful things out of them. By watching the video shown here, you can make cushion covers, hand bags, bracelets etc. from old T-shirts.

In this way, instead of throwing away many useless items, we can make home decoration items from them.

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