How to become a chef in India after 12th

If you love to cook and you enjoy being in the kitchen, then becoming a chef may be a good fit for you. In today’s time, people are very much liking the profession of cooking i.e. becoming a chef. Those who are interested in cooking, are currently not just doing the cooking reception and want to style their hands-on taste. Thus, if you also have a passion for cooking, then today we are going to tell you such ways by which you can become a chef by choosing the hobby of cooking as a profession.

According to a survey, it was found that there has been an increase in the arrival of foreign tourists returning to India from the year 2014-15. Due to this, the building business of the country has also got good profits and their economic profit has also increased.

Let us tell you that people go far and wide to eat good food. If you have style and talent in hand then you will earn an honest name in this industry. For this, you will have to try to do a course in Cook i.e. Hotel Management in class XII.

One of the key employees working in any building is also its chef. Cook means hotel management course can be done after 12th or graduation. To become a chef, you have to do the mandatory skill course from the institutes mentioned below.

How to cook requires you to have complete knowledge of just what a chef’s job is, what percentage of chefs there are. And for that course one needs to become a chef, the faculty that has to travel can provide all the data about it. First let us know who can be a cook

Who is the Chef?

As you must have known the name of cook and cook many times. However, there is a plethora of differences between these two. Many of us assume that a cook and a cook are also the same person doing the same job. Although it is not so at all. Chef means that a cook prepares the food within the kitchen, just like a chef.

Rasoi means the head of the kitchen. A chef has a degree in cooking (Culinary Arts), apprenticeship, higher-up expertise and plenty of years of experience that sets him apart from being a cook. Anyone who has passed high school will also become a cook. However, to become a chef, it is necessary to have a degree and work experience.

The job of a chef can be a unique job in itself, which not only offers smart remuneration but is also attention-grabbing to your liking. Chefs these days are earning fame and money not only by cooking in hotels, but also by hosting TV shows and writing books on cooking.

There is no good institute to train chefs.

  • GIHMCT Nagpur
  • Institute of Edifice Management, Line of Work and New Trishan Pusa, New Delhi
  • Taj Group of Buildings, Rozabagh, Aurangabad
  • Food Craft Institute Complex, Bhopal
  • Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Building Management, Chandigarh
  • Institute of Line of Work Technology and Nutrition, Aliganj, Lucknow
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Jaipur

This specialty is necessary to become a cook

The cook has to be inventive with style in the food. He or she should be able to cook all kinds of dishes or have a knack for it all. There should be quality smart cooking even with fewer ingredients. Along with cooking food, it should be served well. A cook should check smart food for health. Let us tell you get the degree, you will either take a job in a good eating house or building otherwise you can open your own restaurant. You have every option.

Jobs for chef

Let us tell you that after completing the chef’s course, you can get a better job on the basis of your skills, due to which you may have to commit suicide. When you can get a good job as a chef in these places.

  • During a five star hotel.
  • During an approved restaurant.
  • In the air line of work units.
  • During a food process company.
  • In cruise liners.
  • Line of work in the company’s workplace.
  • In foreign and international buildings.

Take Hotel Management Course

To become an expert chef, many institutes in the country offer courses in hotel management in catering, we are listing down several of the most important institutes that will help you advance in your chef’s career.

  • Institute of Edifice Management, Line of Work and Nutrition New Delhi.
  • Government Institute of Building Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Dehradun.
  • GIHMCT, Nagpur.
  • Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Edifice Management, Chandigarh.
  • National Council for Edifice Management and Line of Work Technology (NCHMCT), Noida.
  • Foodcraft Institute Campus, Bhopal.
  • Hotel Taj Cluster, Aurangabad.

These days in-camera courses are conducted in various restaurants and hotels to become a chef. If you want, you will enroll in them and do those courses.

Keep yourself updated

The courses that one should do to become a chef are given below-

  • BA in Cooking Arts
  • BHM in the Art of Cooking
  • Bachelor of Technology in the Line of Work and the Art of Cooking
  • BVOC in cooking operations
  • BSc in Cooking Science
  • BA in International Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in Food and Liquid Service (UG Course)
  • BSc with specialization in Cooking Arts, Bakehouse and Pastry Arts Management
  • Craftsmanship Course in Transformation of the State

Cook ‘remuneration’

Justify that the salary of a chef depends on his expertise and ability. Along with this, wherever he is working, what is the cost of that place and how much. On the basis of these things, you also get employment and salary. Let us tell you that the chef working in any five star building gets a salary of one lakh to 300000 rupees every month. On the other hand, those who join a hotel as a starting point after completing the course, they get an honorarium ranging from 15000 to 20000 rupees.

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