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Every student of today wants to get good marks in the examination without studying. But it is said that “the more you sweat in practice, the less blood will flow in the war”. However, in today’s competitive era, studying and passing through good numbers is nothing short of a fight. It is very simple that if you want to win this battle, you need to plan in advance and prepare accordingly. But many students are unable to focus on studies when the time comes, or usually due to lack of proper guidance, students are not able to prepare properly and as the exam time draws closer, they become anxious and nervous. It seems. So he wants to get good marks in the exam without studying. Here are some sources to prepare and succeed in any exam.

1.Quit the habit of postponing work

Friends, if you really want to be successful, then you have to abandon the habit of avoiding tasks. Do the work required at the right time. Therefore, we should not postpone the work but should do all the necessary work on time.

2.Read the topics comprehensively

Sometimes when students do not understand the topic of a subject, they start cramming that topic. Tell the students for information that the rotted things do not remember for a long time and sometimes the rotted things disappear completely from the mind while taking the exam. Therefore, students are advised to read the topic of every subject properly, so that the topic is remembered for a long time. If the students spend as much time in rote of the topic, if they spend that much time in understanding it, they will surely remember that topic.

3. Select the appropriate place to study

It is very important to choose a suitable and quiet place to study. The place of study should be such that where you can sit and read with full concentration and calm mind. If the house is small or there is no such suitable place in the house, then it would be better to go to a quiet place outside the house, go to a friend’s house or a library.

4.Make a study schedule

For any student who wants to be successful, it is necessary that they make a time table of the time fixed for the study. Allocate a certain time for each subject in that time table. Only by making a correct time table, you will be able to give proper attention to every subject. It is not enough to just make a time table, it is also necessary to follow it.

5. Give time for sports and recreation

For all round development of a student, it is necessary that he should give time for sports as well as for his entertainment. Sports lead to physical development. You can also enjoy intelligent games inside the house.

6.Divide big tasks into smaller parts

When we start doing any big task, it seems very difficult and impossible in the beginning. But when we divide it into small pieces and the same thing becomes easier. Similarly, in studies, it can be made easier by dividing large chapters or Formula into smaller parts. This makes reading easy and interesting.

7. Know your energy level

Every person’s physical and mental energy levels may be different at different times of the day. For example, some people feel more fresh and energetic in the morning, while others feel more in the evening or at night. So the time when you feel more fresh and energetic, keep that time for your studies.

8. Take a short break between studies

Your mind gets tired while studying. Whenever you feel tired, take a short break. Usually after 30 to 40 minutes while studying you should take some rest.

9. Highlight the main points

Whenever you sit down to study, always carry a highlighter pen with you. If you see an important name, date, place or sentence, then highlight it immediately. You will get a lot of help while doing Revision in this way.

10. Set Your Goal

Set your education goals in life. Which chapter or book you want to finish in how many days, which subjects need special attention or how many percentage points will be required to go to your favorite college. In this way, it is very important to set the goals of your studies. If you study every week, setting the goal of the month, then at the end of the year, you will be able to prepare for the exam correctly without any panic.

11. Eat a balanced diet

You should have a balanced diet.. Avoid cold drinks and junk food like pizza and burgers. The correct way of eating is that you have heavy breakfast in the morning, lighter than lunch and dinner lighter than that. If possible, take only salads and liquids at dinner.

12. Keep the body healthy

Because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, go for a walk in the morning and exercise as per your ability. The healthier your body is the more active and confident you will be.

13. Find the answers to the questions

If you have any question in your mind or you do not understand the answer to any question then feel free to ask for help from your teacher.

14. Make Notes

This is a tried and tested rule. Notes will always help you. Whenever you read or revise, keep making notes of it carefully.

15. Sample Paper

On most occasions, everyone will advise you to solve sample paper. This can be very effective. You can learn many questions by collecting the question papers of the last few years. Solve those questions, this will instill confidence in you. Also, syllabus can also be completed. Do you know that many questions should come from them only.

16. Burn more

Science has proved that the higher the level of water in the body, the more efficiently our brain works. For this, drink plenty of water. You should keep a bottle of water with you while studying.

17. Relax

Nervousness can worsen the situation. Close your eyes and sit quietly for a few seconds and take a deep breath. This will help calm your mind. Then try to remember the answer slowly. Write down on paper whatever you missed the main point.

In this competitive era today, everyone wants to come first. Everybody wants to be successful. The definition of success can and should be different for everyone. Whenever we achieve small successes, our confidence increases, but when we face a defeat, we get discouraged. We need to understand that life is an ECG. Is like a graph. Until the E.C.G. The graph keeps moving down, till then our heart keeps working, but when a straight line appears, the heart stops working and life ends.

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