The smell coming from the mouth is a major problem. That can be a threat to your personality. Even though you are wearing clothes, but with the smell of mouth, people will meet you shivering. You may also have to be ashamed. While you brush everyday, you still get rid of mouth odor. There can be several reasons for this. Knowing the reasons for this will also make home remedies.

Due to stigma of mouth

  • Due to mouth disease, there is stigma in the breath.
  • If your stomach is not clear then mouth odor can occur.
  • If you do not brush correctly, then bacteria begin to accumulate in your teeth. Those who slowly begin to smell -2
  • If you use garlic and onion more, then this is also one of the reasons stink.
  • Diarrhea, bloating of gums, problems in liver, diabetes, kidney disease, due to all these diseases also causes bad breath problem.
  • Sinus (nasal disease) can also cause mouth stench due to bacteria in the throat and lungs.
  • Medicines given in chest pain, chemotherapy medicines can also lead to odor.
  • Many tobacco substances, such as smoking tobacco, also leave their dandruff on the breath, and there is also the reason for the mouth stench as well as the cause of diseases of teeth and gums.

Home remedies for removing mouth odor

To get rid of the stigma of the mouth, there is no need for a mouthful mouthwash but there is a need to maintain the quantity of water. With the help of home remedies, you can overcome the stench of your mouth.

  • The best way to reduce mouth odor is to focus on cleanliness of the mouth. It reduces the chance of getting worm and gum disease in your teeth.
  • Eat fresh and fertile vegetables.
  • Put salt in hot water and rinse it.
  • Roast cloves and chew them lightly.
  • Eating cumin with frying leaves the odor of breath.
  • Chew cardamom or fennel after daily meal
  • Grind minced molasses and rinse it 2 or 3 times in water and get rid of bad odor.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Diet of mother-in-law can be overcome by eating plenty of fruits and diet with vitamin C.
  • Sift one lemon into a glass of water every morning and rinse it with this water.
  • Use the mouse freshener to remove the stench of breath.
  • Once every day, after adding salted salt in mustard oil, massage of gums, gums stay well. There is no danger of stigma.
  • Chewing soft leaves of guava leaves also causes bad odor.

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