Treatment by lemon is a treatment for sorrows. Why do not you take advantage of it? A small benefit that brings messages for happiness is also cheap and also be of potent quality. Look at its properties. To maintain the health of humankind, thousands of people in the lap of nature The fruits of herbs and the flowers are filled with treasures.

Let’s know the lemon has its own specialty.

Head Dizziness

Dizziness of the head has often been seen that due to the constrain of the gas stops constipation it is due to the weakness of the person that dizziness, leaving one lemon in hot water and drinking it stops headache and dizziness.

Arthritis Disease

Arthritis Disease Take a glass of fresh water and squeeze a full lemon into it. It will get rid of rheumatic disease every day in the morning after drinking it.


Constipation is the root cause of diseases. Therefore, to maintain your health, you must avoid constipation. Take a lemon juice with a glass of hot water and take it to bed at night. Constipation is removed.


In a glass of water in a glass of water, put a lemon juice of black pepper and salt and give it to the child. The vomiting is stopped. Cut the lemon into two pieces and add black pepper and black salt on them and stay silent.

Skin disease

Nowadays, the skin disease is increasing continuously, if not treated at the time of time, its form comes out as a code, lemon juice, after taking bath on boils, it cleanses the disease. Massaging the skin on a skin-shaped place by adding lemon, heals the disease.

Nail acne

Mixing lemon juice with gallary is very cleansing of the entire nail acne after it takes very well 1 month on the face.

Healthy Body

Drink lemon juice and take out the toxins that are made in the body, which keep our body healthy.

Obesity help

If lemon juice is mixed with honey in the morning and drunk in water, it is very helpful in getting rid of obesity.

Get relief from fatigue

Drinking lemon juice does not cause tiredness in the body so that you feel good all day long.

Gas problem

Drinking lemons reduces the gas produced in your body, which is the solution of your gas problem.

At the time of fever

 Drinking lemon juice reduces the body temperature and drinking it during fever, it provides quick relief in fever.

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