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Millions of students in India stand at the crossroads of career upon completion of education. They face a standard dilemma. Which course he should take, which would give him a brilliant and lucrative career. There is no dearth of excellent business courses in India. Therefore, you will be able to choose any vocational course according to your qualification and interest and choice. Some professional courses in India also facilitate your becoming an entrepreneur. There is no dearth of amazing institutes where you will enroll for a specialist course.

These courses are available everywhere in India. However, you will want to take care when choosing an educational institution to review these courses. While a decent institution will provide your employment facility directly, enrolling with the wrong person can result in student loans and unemployment. So, let’s have a look which is one of the simplest traditional business courses in India.

Management MBA / BBA

A Master of Business Administration or MBA is an amazing traditional business course that rockets your career directly into the junior or middle management of an organization.

However, it is worth noting that 93 percent of MBA graduates in India face unemployment due to no exemptions. Doing MBA from a top B-school is worth your effort, time and money.


That day, when the Bachelor of Drugs, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) was the only medical course that mattered now. Nowadays, you will be able to take specialist courses in Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy and Naturopathy.

The Ministry of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) of the Government of India now promotes these traditional styles of Indian medical practice that are offered to foreigners for medical treatment in India.


About four years ago, the percentage among engineering graduates was 93 percent. However, it is worth noting that only engineers from top colleges get employment. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and other reputed institutes offer engineering courses that are recognized worldwide.

Designing Fashion / Interior

You can make a career in designing in fashion / interior. This is the most difficult course in India. There is a lot of creativity involved. The world’s most important fashion labels are increasingly entering India to take advantage of this fast growing market. If you graduate as a clothier from a renowned institute, then this competition is good for you.

Nowadays, everyone wants their homes, offices, and interiors to look chic and fashionable. Hence there is a high demand for interior designing. This can be a tremendous traditional business course that can give wings to your creativity.


Computers are part of our daily lives. And no one can claim to be the owner. Therefore, experts in computer applications are necessary. These are simple yet difficult business courses and require intensive concentration and efforts. There are many professional courses within the use of computers. There are many courses like Graphics Designing, Web Designing, Animation & Multimedia, Software Engineering etc. After doing these professional courses you will get success.


From your best restaurants to hotels and resorts in the city, all are part of the Indian hospitality industry. This huge industry needs thousands of professionals to live. India’s hospitality sector is upside down, with India achieving many milestones as the world’s top tourist destination.

Business courses related to amazing hospitality are available from reputed institutes across India. They vary from simple housekeeping courses to qualifying as chefs with complex ones.

Journalism and Mass Communication

A good, professional course in journalism and mass communication can be very difficult and exciting at the same time. And it is a misconception that journalism and mass media graduates only work on newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television channels.

A professional course in journalism and mass communication can also facilitate setting up your PR business.

Travel & Tourism

Diploma to MBA courses are available during this vast field of travel and tourism. These are the simplest vocational courses you can do. On successful completion of a travel and tourism course, you have the ability to travel to government departments, obtaining data for an airline, foreign and domestic tour operator.

The pharmacist

There are three types of courses available to become a pharmacist in India. One can have a diploma in pharmacy, whereas in contrast there is a Bachelor of Pharmacy hence the Master of Pharmacy. These professional courses can provide you with an excellent career for pharmaceutical companies, state-run and individual hospitals and healthcare providers. 

Environmental Science

These include many interesting professional and traditional courses such as marine biology and environmental engineering. Ecology courses are available in most major universities, such as engineering colleges. Graduates of those vocational courses are in demand abroad.

Psychiatry and Psychology

A lot of Indians suffer from mental illnesses related to stress, although it can be mild. News reports indicate that children between 4 and 16 years of age also suffer from mental problems.

Therefore, knowledgeable courses in psychiatry, sometimes done after graduating from graduate school,

Management in Digital Marketing –

As the use of digital marketing continues to increase day by day, management may be a better course in digital marketing after graduation. The course includes computer program optimization (SEO), program marketing (SEM), web analytics, email marketing, content and blog marketing (CBS), etc.

Mobile App Development –

Everyone who uses a transportable uses a variety of applications. Thus, candidates can take a specialist course in mobile application development after graduation. After completion of the course, candidates can become the highest mobile app developer.

Machine learning –

Since machine learning is one of the most important professions today, candidates can go for Post Graduate Diploma in Machine Learning and AI. The program includes Python, linguistic communication processing, computer vision, speech recognition, machine learning, advanced deep learning, reinforcement learning and more. This course can be beneficial for the candidates in opening various employment opportunities.

Certification in Finance and Accounting –

It is a certificate program in accounting and taxation and therefore the duration of the course varies with the institution. To be eligible for the course, a candidate must have a degree in the relevant field with a minimum of 50% marks. Candidates can get the duties of Accountant, Program Analyst, Assistant Manager etc. after the course.

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