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Nowadays life is so busy that we have forgotten to live life. Have lost their own existence. Today, if you have identified yourself, then they are possible only through yoga. Yoga is the best for a healthy body. Which leads to success in life? The word yoga has two meanings and both are important, the first is addition and the second is samadhi. Yoga helps in making the body, mind and soul healthy. Since ancient times, the best yoga for healthy body has been described by our sages. They have been seen to be more healthy doing yoga. Through yoga, new energy is transmitted to the healthy body and mind. But even today, there are many people who have not yet been able to include yoga-asanas in their lives. Today, International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world on 21 June due to it being the best yoga for a healthy body.

By doing regular yoga daily, you can keep yourself stress-free and also keep yourself away from the risk of many diseases. Many people are unable to work all day due to laziness, due to which they are upset. Yoga is a very effective way for people who can help keep them active throughout the day. With this, you will be able to stay healthy for a long time through yoga. There are many yogas that you can use to keep yourself fresh and stay relaxed. We will tell you through this article the best yogasanas for a healthy body, using which you can easily keep yourself active throughout the day.


This is called subtle posture. They do it to warm the body so that starting the asanas does not have any side effects on the body. This is similar to warm-up before starting exercise. It involves movement of joints, rotation of head, arms, legs, waist etc.


Those who have not yet done yoga can start with Vajrasana. Vajrasana can be done 10 minutes before or after eating. It is good for keeping the stomach fine as well as for the knees. Increases mental and physical agility. Vajrasana is also good for meditation.

Butterfly Posture

In this, every part of the body becomes flexible. Disease resistance increases. Relieves joint pain. There is a fatigue distance of the feet. Mental strength is attained. This asana is beneficial for women. It provides relief in periods or pregnancy related problems.


In this, West means backward and Uttan means to stretch that part. It stretches the spinal cord. The spine is flexible. Every part of the body is strong. Brightness and height increases on the face. You will get benefit in stones and stress.


In this, the body has to be like a lotus shape. Which does not cause diseases. Those who have knee pain or sciatica problem get benefit. This brings flexibility to the ankle joints. Bones are strong.


Tadasana is considered to be a very simple method, by doing this yoga, the length of the children also increases. Along with this, your digestive system is strong, blood circulation in the body is right, to do this, first of all, stand up straight and keep your legs, waist and neck in a straight line. With your closed fist raise your hands upwards. Hold your breath slowly, stopping your breath. You pull your body upwards as much as possible. Then, while exhaling, come to a state of honor.


By doing Sukhasana regularly, the right amount of blood circulation occurs in your body, due to which you remain healthy and can also keep yourself away from heart problems. Along with this, by doing Sukhasana Yoga you will also be able to remain relaxed and feel yourself refreshed. At the same time, along with helping to relieve your joint pain, the muscles also become elastic. For this, sit with both knees bent, neck, waist and back straight.


In the meaning of Pranayama, Pranayama refers to an action by which the spread of life and expansion is also kept under control.

Here 3 major pranayama are being discussed:

Anulom-Antonyms Pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Bhramari pranayama

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