There was also a time when at home, while learning to read good books, he used to teach the older children of the house. Today it is the opposite. Children, everyone is lost in the world of mobile light in such a way that their eyesight has also started getting blurred. Side effects of mobile on eyes are blurring your eyes.

With the increasing use of social media, today smart phones have come in every hand. On an average, youth are spending three to four hours on it. Increasing use of mobile phones is leading to new problems. The most prominent of these problems is the Side effects of mobile on eyes.

The blue light of smart phones is proving to be more dangerous for the eyes called precious. Dr. Pradeep Sane, ophthalmologist, says that blinking eyes on the mobile screen has reduced the blink of the eye. Normally the eyes blink 12 to 14 times per minute, but the rate is only six to seven when they are on the mobile screen. This increases dryness in the eyes and weakens the eyes. Running a mobile in the dark is a fatal effect of weakening distant eyes or wearing glasses since childhood. As the age increases, the number of glasses increases. As the age increases, the veil of the eye becomes thinner. In addition, there is a risk of curtain damage. Apart from this, running the mobile in the dark of night puts intense pressure on the eyes and there is a risk of completely damaged eyes. Side effects of mobile on eyes are as follows.

Professionals are more impressed

Dr. Sane says that in the last four to five years, there has been a significant increase in the number of patients with eye dryness problems. Now almost every doctor is writing lubricant to maintain eye drops. At this time, most of the professionals are coming in cases reaching doctors. Because professional people use desktop, laptop and mobile more.

Attack on retina happening

According to ophthalmologist Dr. Lalit, when you use your phone at night, the light emitted directly affects the retina. This causes the eyes to deteriorate quickly. The ability to see also gradually decreases.

Dry eye watering

The eyes do not get rest due to working throughout the day, so instead of sleeping at night, staying busy on the phone for a long time makes the eyes dry. This causes itching and burning in the eyes. Doing this continuously has a bad effect on the lacrimal gland of the eye. Apart from this, the pupils of the eyes also start shrinking. Veins of eyes begin to shrink. It also causes headache problems with the eyesight.

Quick eye drops

Mobile phones may comfort you by connecting them to social sites, but soon they put glasses on your eyes. Not only this, the number of eyes gradually increases and the thinner glasses start getting thicker. After a few years you may have to have an eye operation done.

Red eyes

Continuously looking at the phone screen, the white part of the eye starts turning red. This problem is also not reduced by inserting eye drop. Apart from being red, the eyes always look swollen.

Temporary Blindness

Continually looking at the phone when suddenly you look elsewhere, it looks all black for a while. There is darkness in front of the eyes. This is not a good sign for your eyes.


Excessive use of the Smartphone hurts you so much that you start looking blurred. In English it is called the blurred vision. This process becomes serious later on and you start having problems with appearance.

How to avoid

Maintain distance

You cannot stop or reduce the use of the phone suddenly. This is also true but keeping the phone away from the eyes can keep the eyes safe to some extent. Whenever you use the phone, keep in mind that the phone is not too close to the eyes.

20 second breaks

Your eyes get tired after working on the computer in the office all day. In this case, sticking to the screen of the phone has a bad effect on the health of the eyes. Whenever you use the phone, then take a break of 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. This brake will relax the eyes.

No night watch

Don’t you think the night is made for sleep? Chatting by phone, video watching, etc. during the day and at work makes you tired. Set yourself a limit Do not use the phone after a time at night. Using the phone till late night causes poor sleep and later it becomes a habit. With this, dark circles, puffiness, etc. under the eyes also have a bad effect on the eyetie.

Turn down the light

In the beginning it is very difficult to avoid phone addiction. Yes, you can reduce this habit gradually, so it would be better to reduce the brightness of the phone while using the phone. This will reduce the pressure on the eyes.

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