How to Earn Money Online with Google

Who in the world would not have heard the name of Google? This reckless emperor of the Internet world has changed the way the entire world works through hundreds of online products including his search engine. Google is Google everywhere from the office desktop to your mobile. Google has also changed the way of making money and doing business. This business giant, ready to include the entire world in its workforce, has given everyone plenty of opportunities to earn money for themselves without any money investment, and the good thing is that you can earn this money sitting in your house. Believe it is not a fraud or a false promise. Millions of people across the world are earning money sitting at home with the help of Google, including students, housewives, and well-known professionals in their fields.

How to make Google a medium to earn money?

The basic work of Google is to ensure its user access to online content. In such a situation, if you do any kind of creative work, then Google can give you money instead. Let’s make it a little easier. If you write well then by showing your advertisement to the reader along with your article, Google can give you a large share of the advertisement’s earnings.

What will be done for this?

Google Adsense is the only way to earn money from Google advertising. Google Adsense is like opening your account in Google from where Google will give you the code of the link of your advertisement, which you can make money by putting on your online medium. You can use mediums like articles, audio, and video to earn money.

How to start your online business?

Before creating an Adsense account, it is important that you have your own blog, website or YouTube channel to reach your original content user. Our advice to newcomers is that they start with Blogger Blog. Here are some of the earnings through Google.

Earn through blog

Blogger is designed for people who have a hobby of writing, whose technical knowledge is very limited, but they have the ability to deliver their works to more and more people through the Internet. It is very easy to work on Blogger because its user console is very similar to Microsoft Office Word.

How to create an account on Blogger?

It is very easy to create an account on Blogger and if you already have an account on Gmail, then you do not have to worry about signing up.

Those who have a Gmail account can go to and create their Blogger account using their Gmail login and password.

Those who do not have an account on Gmail can also go to Blogger’s homepage and create an account on Blogger for themselves using the signup option. Once you have learned the method of blogging, when you learn how to use your blog in the best way, you can change the blog address to your domain name by purchasing your domain name. By doing this, your blog is ready to display Google Adsense ads and if the user reads your content and clicks on these ads, then Google gives you a share of your revenue on every click.

Monetize Google Ads on your website

Apart from the blog, you can also earn money through your website through Google Ed. Word Press is the easiest way to build your website. Its first feature is that its user interface is very easy, and it also provides a lot of plugins for online marketing of content, most of which are free. Along with this, you will also get a lot of cheap options for your content hosting.

Earning through YouTube channel

YouTube is also another powerful way to earn money from Google. If you are successful in attracting the user by uploading your entertaining or knowledgeable videos on it, then Google can give you money for this. For this, you have to enable monetize your video option and it is released from Google Adsense account. For this, it is important that you create a YouTube channel from your same account, from which you have created your Ad Sense account.

To make money from Google Adsense you basically need these three things.

Website / Blog

Adsense Approved Account


You will be able to earn as much money as you will be able to bring traffic/visitors to your website. There are many people all over the country and around the world who are earning money through this medium.

How to add a place on your site

Google allows you to generate code to display ads on your website or blog. For this, you have to log in to your Adsense account and go to My Ad Option and click on CREATE NEW AD, and you can earn money by designing the ad according to your need and placing it on your website or blog.

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